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Welcome to the BrainSong Community

You are not alone, you have come to the right place for support, information and understanding. BrainSong is a brain injury online community for female survivors. If you are new to the site,
please join. It's FREE.

Having a brain injury is a club you didn't ask to join. But it happens and, in one incident, the earth beneath your feet shifts.

When you join BrainSong (it's FREE!), you are instantly linked to a network of fellow survivors, family members, caregivers, medical pros and others who, in essence, become your "support" via our website. 24/7, we are here for each other.

Ask questions, share experiences, dig for information, give a resource, help each other through rough spots.

Join me at the BrainSong community, and together we'll build a life with new lyrics.

Micah Jones
Survivor and Founder

Putting rhythm back into the lives of women with traumatic brain injuries.

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This is a very special place where female survivors can write about their experiences, share their progress, read stories and connect with other female survivors who are going through a similar experience.

Connect with others whose lives have been impacted by TBI.

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      >>Read More on HB 361

To prohibit health insurers from excluding coverage related to acquired brain injuries.







         Featured Survivor

Lindsay Bires

Lindsay was working as a night-shift nurse in Columbia, SC at Palmetto Health Heart Hospital.
While on break at 3:30 am on September 16, 2012, she was on her phone and sending a text message when a car hit her.

There were two other nurses outside with her. They saw the car that hit Lindsay drive off the road the first two times and they dove out of the way. However, Lindsay did not because she was looking down at her phone.

As a result of the car hitting her, she sustained a traumatic brain injury, as well as numerous orthopedic injuries.

>>Read More of Lindsay's brave story of recovery.

& 5K RUN

Get your team together now and
support brain injury survivors. If you
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Virtual Walker. It's a great way to
support survivors!

Participate in the 3K Walk or 5K Run!
No matter which one, it'll be a great time, for a great cause.

We appreciate your support of our continued efforts, even though you may have not been touched by a brain injury.

It's an unforgettable experience, filled with courage, remembrance
and inspiration!


July 9
Ohio Brain Injury
Awareness Day

Over 120,000 Ohioans live with the daily challenges associated with brain injury. With another brain injury occurring every 23 seconds, this public health concern ranks as the leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults.


A concussion is a brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works.

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